Poems – Vol. I

Poetry is not something I had ever thought I’d actually take the time to sit down and write recreationally. It just never occurred to me that any of it would be worth reading, and therefore, not worth writing. That’s since changed since I started my daily journal. I’ve found the challenges in the creative process to be very rewarding. Getting down my ideas and feelings is one thing, but turning it into an artistic form is a different beast entirely. The beast with two backs, for the thespians out there. And so I’ve written some, a few better than others. Some spurred out of burstfire whims, while a select few have taken hours of deliberation. If nothing else,  poetry has given me another outlet for understanding self, and works as a time capsule of the 20 year-old me. So without further ado, here’s some of my cognitive and emotional run-off. I hope there’s something for you to enjoy.

a poem I wrote in class, on the Cold War and icons

PASS THE TORCH – 9/??/2016

One, two rooster call

of duty, big or small

forty frozen beach time volleyball

curtain called

Lee Harvey Oswald

track CIA black

ops sneak and stalk

lead the flock

scarecrow puppet man

human mock

river reflections cong and ‘Nam

shellshocked bleeding palms

no sin


John Lennon beetle faggot

smack addict

pulse though the veins

whitewash bleach the stains

bicentennial growing pains

for sordid sorts

in Soviet forts

squealing pork

starting torque

pass the torch

a poem on camaraderie, melancholy, and disenchantment

CRYPTED – 9/11/2016

Phone a sarcophagus

moans and rot and bones

suffer hurdled stones

taxidermied soul

kindred spirits

flight solo, but not alone

kismet steers it

shambling ships and shanties

crosses bear it

don’t bury him

cold from brain to stem

lost connection, disconnected

anguish recollected

washed in them

the dead air sits still

entombed will

never feel

but jade

slip to shade

a poem on a generation of nonsense

Red Rumming Head – 9/??/2016

Red rumming head

Homestead bed of dread

Keep these vampires well fed

Bloodbath butt buffet

A trial on the soul, I’ll say

Voodoo witchcraft caj’

Undone by silver tongue promises

Of Grey Poupon furnishes

Bartertown merchant whiz

Uncle Ben rice purchases

Do exactly as the doctor says

Quick! Jugular tourniquet

Vocal cord blow a kiss

Fat fat fatties

Taking the piss

Bad bad nannies

Getting this bliss

Zero good rhymes

Kamikaze limes

Blitzkrieg bitch dimes

Fist these mimes

‘cross the face

Demigod denizen

Armed with the Denny’s pen

First season Ben 10

90’s kid master race

Billy Grim crass

Billy club crack

Hearts for the joker

Spades for the ace

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