Poems – Vol. 2

Saying a lot by saying a little. A simple poem made simply for the making of poems. Getting in touch with my roots.

Let Her – 11/4/2016

Let her

Whether now or never

Let her

Tell her pleasure

Rhyme and measure

I met her

Eiffel Treasure

Oasis in desert

Recollect her


Yesterdays forever

Never forget her

One of my earliest poems. Inspired by Alea’s “The Last Supper”, Rage Against the Machine, and my own appraisal of the modern American life.

Umbilical Chords – 9/15/2016

somewhere deep
festering, blistering creep
thorns born from motherboards
strum umbilical chords
cut throats on stolen swords

an omen and a fetish
dive-bombing albatross
surrounded by those that relish
in one’s own dross
front-facing self-love
toxic wings carry quick-judging doves
clockwork flight patterns
in unending rotation
in validation
coal-walking temptation
don’t ask
for liberation
escape from the plantation
means trial and tribulation

In time
null rhymes
seasons without reasons
All is reclaimed by sands
take fate in your own hands
‘fore they do it for you
lords and priests and pharaohs who
will put foot to back
limbs chained in the rack
masters count the lash
rise up serf and slave
there’s freedom for those who crave
nothing past the grave
not just angry mobs
these maroons and exiles and braves
the fist of the common man throbs

the steel dagger cloaker
the cane sugar joker
the fish bone choker
the wish bone broker
the barbed pyre stoker
the dead leaves smoker
inhale man’s hate
petrified and irate
pawns corner kings
a check and a mate

ebony, ivory the eclipsing twin
blood moon knights shield a corona day
the only way to win
is to never play

Sometimes it just feels good to feel bad, man.

Misery in Misty Eyes – 9/24/2016

misery in misty eyes
phantom sensations and blighted cries
tell me your lies
pipe dreams to memorize
words of forgiveness
tongues tied
can’t deliver this
a feeling that’s long since died
but the coffin shakes
still alive, zombified
unearthed and bleeding
dragging and leading
grey flesh beckons me
no heart beating

One thought on “Poems – Vol. 2”

  1. Good stuff mijo I may have to share with you some of my own oneday, keep speaking from the heart as well as experience and observation, poetry like music is universal to the souls that relate….

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