Media Convergence ~ JMC Blog Post 2

Hey there guys, do you know what time it is? That’s right, break out the tinfoil hats and lock the doors, because it’s time to talk about mass media super conglomerates! Woo!

All jokes aside, one of the most disturbing qualities of the current state of the media, that is to say, nearly everything that we consume from a reputable source, especially those on television, all derive from the same six outlets. Although jumping to the conclusion that some Illuminati-type secret society is controlling everything, a statistic that shows 90% control is disturbing, nonetheless. And it’s not so much just the fact that so much is under control of so few, but rather, the ramifications that this can have on society.

Time Warner, News Corp, Disney, Comcast, Viacom, and CBS are the current “big six,” and represent the epitome of monopoly deregulation and mergers galore. Because when a company based on a cartoon mouse has managed to amass control akin to the largest news outlets in America, something’s definitely awry. ESPN, ABC, Marvel, Lucas Arts, etc. are all in the back pocket of the Disney corporation. Billions and billions of dollars go into these companies, and in more ways than one might initially think. Though most might recognize the names and be able to match them to various television and film companies, these six conglomerates also have pathways of information through the music industry, radio, newspapers, magazines, various book publishing houses, tons of websites, and an innumerable amount of IPs(intellectual properties). Whom these belong to is often not clear to the consumer, as the respective owners of any of these various niches often will only be found in the fine print somewhere, or just not directly mentioned at all. These discrete, hush-hush manner of ownership is not only dubious in nature, but keeps the readers, listeners, and viewers of their respective content deceived. As of right now, the fact that there’s X channels, but so many of them controlled by a select few, veils the audience with an illusory sense of choice. The public ought to be made fully aware of who the real speakers are.

According to, there were 50 separate companies circa 1983 in control of the 90% which is now only stemming from a number that requires less digits than your hands even have on offer. The likelihood that this will ever go back to the way things were is doubtful. Under wraps, we’ve literally allowed monopolies to form in a country where they were made illegal in the early 20th century. Not even 100 years could go by before our laws were made jokes of. But oh, how wonderful the smell of money is to those with power. Unfortunately, now we all have to just hope that there really isn’t some select few peoples brainwashing us through the subliminal messages, because boy, did we make it easy for them to do so.

[note: i do not actually believe in secret societies.]

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