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A little about me: I am a Las Vegas native, a Journalism student currently attending the University of Oklahoma, and an enthusiast of the arts. I am particularly fond of videogames, and aspire to a journalistic career in the industry in order to cover the medium that has played such an integral part of my formative years.  My prerogative is to deliver content that doesn’t hold back any punches, and to speak honestly of the subject matter I write about. Integrity is something I hold, and always will hold, in high regards concerning my work.

A little about the site: Though I hold no allegiance to any one company or platform, I am only working with content put out on Playstation consoles for my game reviews.  To find my latest uploads, simply click the “Videogames” section on the upper banner. Game reviews release on a weekly basis, but the “Assorted Nuts” tab is updated with new content almost daily, and is where you will find my thoughts on things in a variety of other mediums. For older posts, refer to the archive folders to the left or the search icon also located on the upper banner. If you have any thoughts or suggestions (or simply just need to tell me how wrong my opinion is on something), feel free to leave comments. I enjoy the feedback.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you like what I have to say.

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